Monday the 1st - Sunday the 7th is Hikaru/Lantis Week!  You don’t have to follow the prompts, but they are:
Monday: FirstTuesday: Gift/presentWednesday: ElementThursday: DifferencesFriday: PrivacySaturday: Public display of affectionSunday: Time
If you want to do Hikaru/Lantis/Eagle, you’re more than welcome to do it this week, please just tag it accordingly so if some H/L shippers don’t want to see it, they can blacklist it!  More details here.
If you just want to talk and/or flail about Hikaru/Lantis, there’s a thread on the forum right here!  Please do introduce yourself when you sign up, but then feel free to spam this thread as much as you like!  (there’s a lack of H/L shippers in our ranks, do feel free to come in waving the flag!)
Please tag so we can all enjoy!:#MKR Shipping Week Challenge#Hikaru x Lantis Week (please use #Hikaru x Lantis x Eagle Week for OT3 in addition to the above!)
Master Post for the month is here.


Anything is possible when the fate of the world rests in your hands.



Mysterious rumours abound in this world, one of them is about a certian shop. A shop which has the power to grant wishes. A shop wich is full of secrets and mysteries, guarded by its ageless master. This shop exists, but it’s not open for just anyone. It’s only open when the time is right, when someone has a wish that needs granted. Will the person know of the shop’s existence and have an audience with the shop’s owner? The shop will definitely grant you anything you desire. The shop’s owner will definitely grant you your wish, but are you willing to pay the price needed to compensate for it? 


Image from CLAMP, colored by phoenyx-ailes-taille-la-lune
Another quick one, not completely satisfied with it, so its a WIP I guess. 


Have you ever read a manga and then get to a colour spread and you’re like “this is not how I imagined how they would look why is this fucker over here purple”

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